Executive Team

Steve Kalman, CEO

Steve joined Oculis Labs in 2014 as its Chairman and CEO to lead the Company through its next levels of growth and success.   Steve has an extensive 25+ year executive track record and reputation in high-tech of leading and growing venture backed companies from early or mid-market stage to significant international enterprises (>$ 300M).  Steve brings substantial business, strategic planning and development, multi-channel and marketing skills to his role at Oculis Labs. Throughout his career he has sought to bring or leverage technology to solve real customer needs in the commercial (B2B), and governmental markets while creating sustainable profit streams for shareholders.

Steve successfully served as CEO of such companies as Advanced Interactive Systems (AIS); UltraDNS, Inc; Softbank Content Services, Inc.; and InterpriseNow!. In addition, he served in executive and general management roles at Phoenix Technologies Ltd and ITT Information Systems. Steve has served as a director on 13 boards and currently serves on 2.

Bill Anderson, Founder and CTO

Bill Anderson is a security product expert and cryptographer who helped create the first wave of secure mobile devices for Blackberry, Palm, Motorola and others as a senior executive at Certicom. Prior to founding Oculis Labs, Bill was VP Encryption Products at SafeNet, a global information security leader.  Building on his experience in data-in-motion and data-at-rest security, he founded Oculis Labs to secure the next frontier in information security and the last two feet of the network: from the screen to the user’s eyes.   Bill is a Board Member and Treasurer of the Technology Development Corporation of Maryland (TEDCO). He has Bachelors and Doctorate degrees in Electrical Engineering, with specialization in cryptography, from the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Mark Komisky, COO

Prior to joining Oculis, Mark was the co-founder and CEO of Bluefire Security Technologies Inc., a mobile security software company, where he developed and led partnerships with Symantec, Motorola, Palm, and Lenovo. Before Bluefire, Mark was a founder and Senior Vice President of Greenspring Advisors, a consulting and early stage investment advisory company. He holds a BA from Johns Hopkins and a JD from Georgetown in corporate and intellectual property law.

Board of Directors

Darryl Garrett

Darryl is currently a senior adviser to the IT Solutions Office at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), where one of his duties is managing NGA’s In-Q-Tel projects. He also has advised three offices at CIA. He serves as a board director and advisor to technology companies in the US and Canada. Mr. Garrett retired from CIA as an SIS-05 in March 2000, at which time he received the Career Intelligence Medal for his innovative work with such nontraditional industry partners as Disney Imagineering, Stephen Spielberg’s SHOAH Foundation, Planet 9 Studios, and ABC Networks. From 1997 until his retirement, he served on the DS&T’s board of directors at CIA.

John Nyland

John recently retired from IBM, where he was the managing partner of the IBM’s Public Sector Global Business Services. In that role, he managed the team of 5000 IBM professionals that provide consulting and systems integration services to the US Federal government, state & local governments, healthcare organizations and educational institutions in the United States. Nyland  spent the bulk of his 31 year IBM career in government and Public Sector leadership positions. Prior to his last assignment at IBM, he was general manager of the Public Sector strategic outsourcing and integrated technology services. He also held the position of Vice President, Sales, US Federal and Vice President of Public Sector Sales for the Americas. He began his career in 1977 in IBM’s Federal Systems Division in Owego, NY.    John is a past chairman of the Technology Council of Maryland.

Gunnar Lindell

Gunnar is a founder of Cinnober Financial Technology, AB. Serving as CEO and Chairman, Gunnar helped grow Cinnober from a startup 1998 with a vision to develop a flexible and fast platform for financial transactions, using the possibilities that the Internet enables to a successful, profitable company.

T.J. Rylander

T.J. Rylander is a Partner at In-Q-Tel, the strategic investment arm of the U.S. Intelligence Community. T.J. is the investments manager for In-Q-Tel’s Security practice, and is also active in the firms’s broader enterprise IT investments.  T.J. is a Board Observer.

Steve Kalman, Chairman and CEO

Bill Anderson, Founder and CTO