Securing the Last 2 Feet of Classified Networks

What if you could read a classified document in a crowded room?

Chameleon™ lets you read your computer screen normally while protecting the display against eavesdroppers.

Governments spend significant time and money ensuring classified materials don’t leak from networks and hard drives, but still face a considerable risk to data when it is on computer displays.

Chameleon protects sensitive government information by ensuring that only an authorized user can understand the contents of the computer screen.   It will help your agency achieve critical security goals.


Enforce need-to-know containment in operations centers

View sensitive data securely in the field

Reduce TEMPEST threats

Chameleon can be added to existing Windows platforms. It consists of a software application and a portable USB hardware device. Chameleon protects standard Office documents and can be customized to support specific applications.  Chameleon is available for purchase on the GSA Schedule.  Click here for a detailed product video, and for whitepapers and product briefs.

For more information or to schedule a demonstration of Chameleon at your facility, please contact or call (410) 891-1701.