Active Display Protection

You have antivirus and the latest and greatest firewall. You set up a password to log-in to your computer. You think you are secure. But what about the guy that just looked over your shoulder and saw your bank records? Or the co-worker who is reading your email while you turn around to talk to them.

The computer screen is the last part of our digital lives that needs to be secured. Everything you do on a computer comes up on the monitor, and there is the problem: anything you can see, they can see.

85% admit to reading over someone’s shoulder

PrivateEye is the best software for protecting computer screen data

  • The moment you look away from your screen, we will obscure it.
  • You no longer have to lock your computer when stepping away. We will lock it for you.
  • Better yet, when you come back, we will unlock it.
  • If someone looks over your shoulder, not only can we blur your screen, but we can also show you their picture.

Oculis Labs created PrivateEye to protect your computer screen when you are not looking.