Secure the Last 2 Feet of Your Network

How do you stop people from looking at your computer screen?

Whether you’re at your desk in the office, relaxing at the coffee shop, or working in the airport on the way to a client meeting, you don’t want someone snooping over your shoulder.   Social engineering threats are some of the most pervasive and effective ways to steal secrets.    Why should someone try to crack your encryption when he can just look over your shoulder?

That’s why we make PrivateEye – to protect the last 2 feet of the Internet: from the screen to your eyes.


Individual or Enterprise?

PrivateEye is available in two versions: PrivateEye Software for individuals, and PrivateEye Enterprise for organizations that need to manage large numbers of computers.  Both versions offer the same convenient and secure desktop protection experience with screen protection and eavesdropper detection.  PrivateEye Enterprise adds centralized management, group policies, and compliance audit logging.

PrivateEye Enterprise

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PrivateEye Software

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How it Works

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This technology is sure to impress your friends and colleagues, as well as the latte-drinkers at your local Wi-Fi coffee shop. It’s cool!
This is about the coolest and, at the same time, most useful security product we have seen in a long time.